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Maharajah USA, Inc. is a Christian faith based not-for-profit organization founded in 1978 whose purpose is to promote fellowship and foster social activities for the Filipino-American community. Ultimately to raise awareness and support, for the struggles of our family and friends back home in the Philippines.


Currently, the Maharajah USA’s officers, members, and a whole new generation of extended family and friends continue to make a difference by building a sense of kinship within the families of the Filipino communities here in America.  






• Every year, monetary incentives are rewarded to the top students from grade school level to college level (over 130 students so far)


• Built street lighting covering roughly 10 kilometers of rural road


• Provided a number of school computers, TVs, & VCRs to remote areas


• Reconstruction of the main church in Macabebe, Philippines


• Financial contributions to 5+ other Chapels in the area


• Air conditioning and electric fans for town hospital


• "Sagip Kapamilya" program - gifts given to the needy senior citizens during Xmas


• Food & supplies provided in times of unpredictable natural calamities eg: flood, typhoon, disease, etc

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