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Through its various programs, the Maharajah USA, Inc. has continued to help make a difference to our friends and family back home in Macabebe, Pampanga in the Philippines. Any donation you can make, whether big or small, will carry a huge impact on our programs for the people of Macabebe. Below is a brief description of some of those programs.

Sagip Kapamilya


Sagip means rescue. Kapamilya is our relatives or members of our extended family. Most of our elderly Kapamilya and kabalen in Macabebe need to be rescued from the agonizing hunger and death due to inability to buy and take the medicines prescribed for their illnesses. You can ease their hunger pains and help them buy the medicines they need for their common ailments. By our standard of living here in America, our kabalens need very little to survive and thrive. Let our kabalens know that their kapamilya in America has not forgotten them. Let us continue the work of Sagip Kapamilya with your donations.

Macabebe Student Awards & Certificates


This program awards students of various grade levels in the various school districts in Macabebe, with financial incentives and certificates of recognition to the students who have attained the highest levels of academic achievement. The Student Awards & Certificates Program has continued to give encouragement to many young schoolchildren in Macabebe to work hard and to realize their God given potential. At the same time this gives these children a sense of optimism that through their hard work and dedication they will be rewarded. Please help contribute to this program, and help these children continue to believe that anything is possible.

San Isidro Chapel


Like the extensive building project of San Gabriel, the Chapel in San Isidro, Macabebe is in need of continued infrastructure improvement. For the many churchgoing members of the San Isidro community, San Isidro Chapel is a very important part of their lives and of the lives of their families. Let’s help keep the conditions of our church at a level of quality that we can be proud of, and give our friends and family back home in San Isidro a chapel whose foundation is as strong as the foundation of the people who come to worship in it.

San Gabriel Chapel


An extensive and ongoing construction plan, this project is geared towards the building of the chapel in San Gabriel, Macabebe. Throughout the years, time has left the conditions of our churches in need of major improvements and even rebuilding. With your help, we can continue to give the home to the many Christian faithful in San Gabriel a church where the conditions are of the exceptional quality its people deserve. A significant percentage of the construction plan has already been completed, but there is still much work to do, and with the help of your continued donations, our work can finally be completed.

You can make a donation to any of our great causes by clicking the donate link below, or you can mail a donation to Maharajah USA, Inc., 837 Garrison Avenue, Teaneck, NJ 07666.


Please make all checks payable to “Maharajah USA, Inc.” On all checks please note on the memo if you would like your donation to be for one of the specific programs mentioned here or for a miscellaneous donation.

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